Hello. My name is AleX. I am a college student with a Visual Communications major. I like to create visual stuff on the computer. Yes.

I came up with the idea of making FARTS a couple years ago. I originally made one comics strip illustrating one particular event (you will be able to see that in FARTS#2), to make Amy (my best friend) laugh. I enjoyed drawing it and wanted to make more comics. Amy and I started writing some fictional funnies starring us and Brenda, however nothing came out of it. A few months later Amy and I were hanging out and I did something stupid (FARTS#1), which inspired me to make more comics. Then I got into reading webcomics and that motivated me to draw some more of my own.. and then I met Scott and he absolutely loved my FARTS. Thanks to Scott I made even more FARTS, and now I cannot stop making FARTS. FARTS are fun. :D heh heh heh

FARTS used to be hosted on a pretty hidden geocities website for my friends' enjoyment. I had nine strips up there. You may ask "since you have so many comics ready, why not put it up for us more often that once a week?" Well, person, I am a busy busy full time visual communications student (which is like two jobs right there) and I have a part time job too. I could put FARTS up everyday.. but that would last only for two weeks and after that you might have to wait two months for more!! Thus I'm playing smart. I promise only what I can deliver (as all web comics artists there should).

What I think is unique about FARTS is that the comics are not just based on true life -- they illustrate the actual true events that happened. Which, in turn, makes it more funny. I do not expect all the FARTS to be funny for all of you guys. Some of the humor there is a bit "weird."
nevertheless --


  Created by AleX Kujawa, F.A.R.T.S. are a part of Biscuit Press. Hosted on BuzzServerz.